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About Immrsv


A Creative Transformation House!

We aim to create world-class digital & creative solutions that unlock new opportunities for growth and business transformation across the entire customer journey for our clientele of Governments, Enterprises, NGOs, and Startups



Hub IT allows your business and technology computers to store.



Hub IT allows your business and technology computers to store.

Our mission

To transform ideas into digital initiatives through African talents.

Meet the Team

Years of experience

In order to accomplish our mission, we have 6 Values

Value #1

Operation with Collaboration

Your work is not a 2-day endeavor, and completing long journeys requires collaboration. Based on this approach, we plan to operate with a collective effort.

Value #2

Grasp then Speak

We must take the time to gain a deep understanding of briefs, the underlying cause of the challenges, as well as the entire framework of the project we take on to succeed.

Value #3

Objective Oriented

We know that not everyone is Hawkeye, who can shoot arrows blindfolded and still hit the right target. So, we plan to accomplish objectives by charting down tactics to solve a problem scientifically and systematically.

Value #4

Achieve what others cannot

Nothing is impossible, this is the mindset of how we daily operate in all functions.

Value #5

Excellence, or nothing!

Since good has never been enough, we strive for excellence in every aspect of our work.

Value #6

At Immrsv, Work is Fun

At Immrsv, we care for everyone, for this reason, we do not employ a generic approach. We create an environment where people can have fun and still do the job.

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Contact us

51b Misr Helwan Agriculture Rd, Maadi Al Khabiri Ash Sharqeyah, Maadi, Cairo Governorate


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